• Metal tags

    Various materials are used in the making of this type of labels: steel, stainless steel, lacquered steel, aluminium, brass, etc… These materials are particularly suited to withstand high temperatures and atmospheric corrosion and are acid pickling, water, salt, grease and oil-resistant. Note that our labels always feature well-rounded edges and corners to avoid cuts. You … Continue

  • PVC tags

    PVC material is particularly resistant to atmospheric corrosion, acid picking, salt and greases. Its abrasion resistance and tear strength are unparalleled. The label won’t break even if crumpled. These labels come in different colours, clear or pre-printed, with holes or slots, as well as with grommets to enhance tearing strength. We can provide any size … Continue

  • Alufel

    Alufel is a thin layer of annealed aluminum. The material is extremely resistant to deterioration caused by abrasion, weather and large temperature fluctuations up to 500°C. The front surface is treated to bring the benefits of thermal transfer printing. The acrylic-based adhesive offers high bond strength on a wide range of surfaces, including plastics and … Continue

  • Laserplast

    The polyester is a plastic material that is perfectly suited to be used with laser printers. The Laserplast sheet comes in a A4 standard format (210 x 297 mm) so that all laser printers can use it. We can provide other sizes according to your requirements. All required sizes can be punched within the A4 … Continue

  • Trifoil

    The Trifoil material is the result of a “polyester and paper” combination. This kind of treatment enhances the label’s tearing strength and makes it highly stable when exposed to temperatures ranging from –50°C to +250°C. The advantage of a paper combination lies in the fact that you can write on the surface of the label … Continue

  • Tyvek™

    Tyvek™ is a DuPont™ material made of 100% high density polyethylene fibre. This material, coated with an anti-static patina, has been subjected to a corona treatment on both sides to improve the ink adhesive bond. Unlike other materials, these treatments are permanent. This is a sturdy, durable material resistant to water, acid pickling, salt and … Continue

  • Tesplafel

    Tesplafel is a plastic material characterized by a pattern that gives the label an exceptional resistance to abrasion and tearing. The material is particularly suitable for use with thermal transfer printers. It is durable at high temperatures (200°C) and weather. It is available clear or pre-printed, sheet or roll, with holes or slots.

  • Adhesive labels

    For more than 40 years, Adolfo Felisati has been specialising in solving different company problems related to the application of labels on surfaces. Our experience allows us to suggest the most suitable material and glue for difficult applications, such as climatic conditions and extreme temperatures. The available materials are the following: paper, thermal paper and … Continue

  • Laser printing punched labels

    The sheet comes in a A4 standard format (210 x 297 mm), within which all required sizes can be punched. They are manufactured from laser print compatible materials (silver or white polyester, white and colour paper, destructible acrylic film). Polyester is highly resistant to abrasion, dirt, oils and solvent attack. The table lists the most … Continue

  • Dog tag

    Dog Tag is the informal name of the identification label that military staff wears around their necks and that look like the tags that dogs have around their necks, so the name dog tag. Every soldier must wear the identification labels. For the Norwegian and Canadian army, each soldier will have around their necks a … Continue

  • Plates

    The materials used for the realization of our plates include: aluminium, brass, trafolite, plexiglas, polycarbonate, metal-foil paper and the like. We perform different processes: screen printing, embossing in relief with pins and / or adhesive, enamelled plates and labels, chemical, mechanical or laser engraving, bar-code and progressive numbering. We can provide any shape and size … Continue

  • Silk printed plates

    Silk printing is a technology that has had a remarkable industrial development with a strong evolution especially in the second half of the twentieth century. It is a very particular kind of print, according to the materials we use special inks with a subsequent oven drying to 150/180°C to ensure a steady and lasting fixation … Continue

  • Safety Signs

    Our safety signs are manufactured observing dimensions, form, colour and design according to the laws in force in the domestic and international market. They are made in previously painted aluminum with polyurethane paints, and the items are made with double component silk printing and oven drying. Upon request, they can be made with shockproof polystyrene … Continue

  • Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tags

    The self-adhesive labels manufactured with RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) allow identifying, storing, managing and tracing quickly and precisely the goods production flows without physical or visual contact. This system consists mainly in TR9 (tag or transponder) and reading and writing devices with specific antennas. These labels do not have a standard size since the … Continue

  • Safety labels

    For the production of this type of labels we use highly specialised materials which are able to give our supports special anti-tampering features. We make: labels on “ultradestructible” acrylic adhesive film which offer maximum rates of resistance at high temperatures, in presents of solvents and abrasives, but which, once applied, crumble under any removal attempt. … Continue

  • Horticultural tags

    The use of labels in gardening are essential to catalog and identify the different types of plants and the treatments recommended, such as fertilizer use, sun exposure, recommended temperatures, the sowing date, the species name and the variety. Furthermore, the durability of these labels should not be underestimated as it protects the plant from any … Continue

  • Resined stickers

    Our “resined” stickers are manufactured with the Domes system. This is a coating technique with a lenticular effect achieved by covering with a special resin the material previously printed. Thanks to the Domes system traditional labels acquire three-dimensional, aesthetic quality, better visibility, UV protection and resistance to scratching, weathering and most common detergents. Widely used … Continue

  • Pending tags

    Our company is specialized not only in the creation of quality labels, but also in the manual applications for the completion of pending tags that are being used in various sectors such as clothing, food, cosmetics, etc… Upon request we can apply colored eyelets, pins or metal chains. Our structure is able to provide all … Continue

  • Luggage tags

    Our travellers’ luggage tags are characterized by the strength of the materials that give the product high resistance to tearing. These tags feature special slots which make fastening very easy and safe. Standard ballpoint pens can be used to write on the surface. Moreover, the advertising side of the tag can be pre-printed with Travel … Continue

  • Identification wristbands

    Our identification wristband are disposable and non-transferable. They are used to control access to hospitals, camping, resorts, sporting events, amusement parks, discos, concerts and events of all kinds. They are made of Tyvek® with safety anti-removal or soft vinyl with rigid plastic closing. Our products are hypo allergenic and resistant to liquids. They are available … Continue

  • Sealing tapes

    We are committed to offer products with good technical features which can be able to obtain ideal solutions for the most diverse packaging needs and guarantee safety and reliability under any circumstance. The traditional PVC adhesive tape offers guaranteed quality and can satisfy our clients’ requests, even the most demanding. The PLP tape (polypropylene) is … Continue

  • Envelopes

    Our offers of envelopes range from common paper or PVC in various sizes, to technologically advanced envelopes for security transportation of money, documents and valuable objects. These envelopes, completely non see-through, are made in high density coextruded polyethylene (HDPE) or low density polyethylene (LDPE). Upon request, they can be made in transparent LDPE. Joints are … Continue

  • Metal hooks

    In order to offer our clients a complete service, we present some examples of metal hooks. Due to their versatile nature, these products can be used for various applications, from classic hook for labels to the new long hook technically designed for manufacturers of iron rods for reinforced concrete. The ample range and the strength … Continue


Our Company

Adolfo Felisati has been successfully producing, for more than 40 years, lacquered-metal tough plastic labels. Our products are designed to identify and accompany shipments of loose materials such as iron, building materials, pre-fabricated and other materials exposed to the inclemency of weather. The new premises, with a total surface of 4,500 square metres, the introduction … Continue