Tyvek™ is a DuPont™ material made of 100% high density polyethylene fibre. This material, coated with an anti-static patina, has been subjected to a corona treatment on both sides to improve the ink adhesive bond. Unlike other materials, these treatments are permanent. This is a sturdy, durable material resistant to water, acid pickling, salt and oil. Tyvek™ maintains its flexibility up to –70°C, but being a thermoplastic material, it melts at 135°C. Considering that Tyvek™ can be stretched up to 30% without breaking (with respect to paper’s 2%), it must be subject to as little stress as possible (1,4 N/cm) to avoid possible strain. Our tags are available clear or pre-printed, with holes or slots, as well as with grommets to enhance tearing strength. We can provide any size upon request: single labels, on fanfold, on rolls or continuous modules with sprocket holes.