Safety labels

For the production of this type of labels we use highly specialised materials which are able to give our supports special anti-tampering features. We make: labels on “ultradestructible” acrylic adhesive film which offer maximum rates of resistance at high temperatures, in presents of solvents and abrasives, but which, once applied, crumble under any removal attempt. Anti-counterfeiting labels and adhesives with systems and materials which point out any removal attempt: when the label tries to be removed, the printed surface removes itself from the base material, which remains glued to the bottom, revealing the counterfeiting; they are ideal for the mechanical, technical and electronic sectors. Labels with safety symbols in relief for the visually impaired, according to UNI EN 272 regulation. Labels and cards with identification magnetic bands useful for parkings, automatic gates, telephone cards, etc… Each single label can be manufactured with different and changeable data and codes.