Sealing tapes

We are committed to offer products with good technical features which can be able to obtain ideal solutions for the most diverse packaging needs and guarantee safety and reliability under any circumstance. The traditional PVC adhesive tape offers guaranteed quality and can satisfy our clients’ requests, even the most demanding. The PLP tape (polypropylene) is a thoroughly robust environment friendly material, with exceptional adhesiveness and silent unreeling. Their dynamometric features, from traction to break point resistance, can be considered particularly high due to the materials’ excellent quality. Both PVC and PLP are available in the following colours: transparent, white, fawn, and all full colours can be printed from one to four colours. We also produce reinforced adhesive tapes which find large use in the binding of pipes and metallic and plastic bars. We also make double sided adhesive tapes for all fastening needs for the mechanical, building, textile, interior design, leather goods and other sectors, up to small paper industry fastening needs.