Adhesive labels

For more than 40 years, Adolfo Felisati has been specialising in solving different company problems related to the application of labels on surfaces. Our experience allows us to suggest the most suitable material and glue for difficult applications, such as climatic conditions and extreme temperatures. The available materials are the following: paper, thermal paper and synthetic materials (PET, PP, PVC). According to the different types of application, we propose glues of different type: removable, permanent and special. The labels come in any size with different designs in coils, fanfold, form feed and single page.

The structural characteristics of the label are directly related to:
• Print quality • Easy application • Label useful life

The label adhesion is related to:
• Adhesive composition • Application time • Surface composition
• Adhesive thickness • Application temperature • Application pressure
• Surface roughness • Surface cleaning

Easy adhesion: Difficult adhesion: Not advisable:
• Metal • Polyethylene • Silicon rubber
• Smooth stone • Polypropylene • Teflon
• Paper, cardboard • Polyamide (Nylon) • Injection moulding plastic material
• Natural wood • Treated paper • PVC with plasticizers (Vinyl)
• PVC without plasticizers • Rubber compounds • Polystyrene