Dog tag

Dog Tag is the informal name of the identification label that military staff wears around their necks and that look like the tags that dogs have around their necks, so the name dog tag. Every soldier must wear the identification labels. For the Norwegian and Canadian army, each soldier will have around their necks a label designed in such a way that it contains two copies of personal data, so it can be split into two halves, if necessary. Alternatively, in the USA, the soldiers use two identification labels; if needed a copy is torn out and kept, whereas the other part stays around their neck. The labels are manufactured in degreased stainless steel. We can offer the model with lateral hole and cutting as well as the classic model with neither cutting nor central hole. We also provide the rubber protection coating and chains of different lengths. Our labels can be marked with any punching machine available in the market.

Similar to the military model, recently, the dog tag has become a fashion accessory for young people. On the label, they can write their details, beliefs or likes, a famous quote, or the name of the person they love or their favourite band. Besides the fashion use of the dog tag, they are also widely used as first aid label for people with health problems, such as heart problems, impairments or epilepsies. By writing one’s personal data, health problems and emergency numbers on the dog tag, there is the possibility, in case of first aids, to have close at hand all the useful information for the emergency service staff.